Prof. H Martin Edge






Dewsbury, G, & Edge, M (2005).

The 21st Century Home: The changing way in which the home is used and integrated into daily life.

In the Proceedings of Building for 21st Century Living: Housing Design to Meet the New Demographics. Tuesday, 22nd November 2005 Glaziers Hall, London SE1, 22nd November.


This paper considers the role of assistive technology in relation to current housing design principles within the field of health and well being. The concepts of barrier free ‘lifetime homes’, inclusive and/or universal design/design for Life are considered and UK community care and Building Regulations are investigated in relation to the design process. It is contended that the current role of assistive technology in relation to disabled and older people can be developed through the use of assistive technology and that the concept of the design of the home should extend beyond the ‘bricks and mortar’ physical approach to take account of rapid advances in information and communication technology.