Prof. H Martin Edge






Craig, T, Abbott, L, Laing, R, & Edge, M. (2005).

‘Assessing the Acceptability of Alternative Cladding Materials in Housing: Theoretical and Methodological Challenges’.

In Housing, Space and Quality of Life (Eds. Garcia-Mira, R., Uzzell, D., Real, J.E. and Romay, J.), Ashgate (Ethnoscapes Series).


This paper presents the results of a large-scale survey conducted as part of a wider research project entitled "Overcoming Client and Market Resistance to Prefabrication and Standardisation in Housing". Whilst there is a recognition of the importance of innovation in house construction, there is reluctance within the UK house-building industry to take risks in introducing new technologies, processes, or radical new designs. The insistence on the part of the house builders and planners that any innovations should not affect the visual appearance of the 'standard' speculative house type is now serving to stifle design innovation. The introduction of more flexible, lifetime homes, for example, as well as any attempts at architectural honesty, are being adversely affected. Resistance to change on the part of the builders is typically justified by reference to an assumed resistance amongst the house buying public.


Keywords: Housing; cladding; prefabrication; perception; internet-survey; methodology


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