Prof. H Martin Edge






Kishk, M, Laing, R, Edge, M, & Scott, J (2006).

An integrated framework for the optimal selection of hospital finishes - system algorithm and methodology.

In the Proceedings of The Joint International Conference on Decision Making in Civil and building Engineering, Montreal, June 14-16, pp. 840-847.


This paper is the second in a series reporting on on-going research within an NHS-Estates funded project. This project aims to develop an integrated System for the Optimal Selection of Hospital Finishes. Motivated by the lack of effective tools that would facilitate the effective choice of hospital finishes; a methodological framework for the optimal selection of hospital finishes is proposed. The development of the framework involved three main steps. First, published methodologies are critically reviewed to identify their desirable features and limitations. Secondly, other crucial requirements for effective decision-making are identified. Thirdly, the framework logic is outlined and a practical implementation mechanism is proposed. The proposed framework utilizes desirable features of a number of existing well-developed methods. Besides, it employs a phased approach in the identification of decision criteria and alternatives where each phase results in a more specific list of criteria and alternatives. The main idea is to identify all available alternatives with the smallest set of key criteria. Alternatives that do not meet the statutory requirements and the minimum specification and performance requirements are excluded early in the process. Finally, the ideal alternative is selected based on a rigorous value for money analysis. The paper concludes by introducing further research within the project to implement the proposed framework into a useful practical tool.