Between 1989 and 1997, before I had a boat, I used to holiday in some reasonably unusual places.Two or three times a year, I would leave the office and take a bus to the airport. Usually travelling with hand luggage only, I would hop on a plane to somewhere interesting, cheap and a long, long way from the nearest student of quantity surveying. There I would sit, on a painfully slow, rickety bus, in the baking tropical sun, for weeks at a time. In the middle of the decade I upped sticks and buggered off, without pay, to sit on a slow bus for a year. I took a travelling ‘Gap Year’, like a superannuated middle-aged posh kid.


I have now published, for ‘Kindle’ and other e-readers, two volumes of tales about these travels, Travels with my Rant’ and ‘The Front of Beyond’.


Bullshit3 Bus Stop3 Mickey18 Dead Walkman Fractal4 Old Spice Lobster Mickey8 Rat Cellar5


You can find them at, at the UK and other European Amazon websites, Kobo, on ‘I Tunes’ (Search for ‘Martin Edge’), for all formats (including pdf) at the ridiculously named ‘Smashwords’ and elsewhere.


All the colour photos from both volumes are available via the clickable photos below


Travels with my rant Cover  Front of Beyond Cover